Waqar Zaka Insults a Girl in Living on The Edge Auditions

Fun Bench March 3, 2013 1

 Waqar Zaka insulted a girl badly on his reality show Living On The Edge audition interview. The Pakistani girl wanted to touch Waqar Zaka, upon this he shake hand with the girl. After that she was eating a bubble gum, when Waqar wanted her to throw it, she threw it badly. Upon which Waqar Zaka became angry.

When the Pakistani hot girl told that she hate eunuchs, as they are useless. They must be died right after the birth. Waqar Zaka insulted her and threw her out of the show. Here is an exclusive video of Living on the Edge Auditions, in which Waqar is showing the rude behavior, but it is not wrong.

  • meraj

    inshan ka pass iqlaq nhi to kuch nhi