Kissing Scandal of Veena Malik

Veena Malik Kissing Scandal With Bobby Darling

Beautiful Veena Malik is kissing the Bobby darling on her birthday party in Mumbai. No one can go such deepen to get herself at news headlines, but the bold actress has different meaning to it. There is no limitations in Bollywood for Veena Malik, as she can do everything for her fans to get more fame.

After doing different types of photo shoots or Channo Item song, she can do anything what she thinks in her mind. As she has done a beautiful kiss with Bobby Darling on her birthday bash. While talking with media Bobby Darling told that he love her and nobody can stop both of them to do like that. He also asked why people have problems with their ways of greeting each other?

Kissing Scandal of Veena MalikWhereas the statement of Veena Malik is concerned, she told the media that was a great time when Bobby came and kissed her. She took it as a beautiful gesture and she is alright with that. It was just a simple kiss instead of French Kiss. So Veena Malik and Bobby Darling Kiss was a greeting for both the kissers, but people have different thinking behind the scene, as all these things happened just to get fame in the media reports.

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