Shahid Afridi Wife Pictures Nadia

Shahid Afridi Wife – Family Pictures of Pakistani Cricketer

Here are some exclusive pictures of Shahid Afridi Wife, Nadia who is also facing scandals or match fixing and controversies about Shahid Afridi being his wife.

Shahid Afridi is one of the biggest name in Pakistani cricketers, who has made a record i.e. fastest century in the cricket history. But unfortunately he is not performing well in the matches since long. Some days ago another controversy raised from HERO TV that the Shahid Afridi’s bat is a victim of black magic. But this controversy or scandal seems to be wrong. It was just for promoting the TV channel. In the last T 20 match series, he couldn’t performed well as it was expected and Pakistani cricket team has to lost the match in semi-final of T 20 series. It was also heard that Shahid Afridi break his bat after loosing the match. It was the anger of the cricketer, but according to the public point of view he can perform well if he thinks about the slow bating over the pitch. A lot of comments were coming from her family like Shahid Afridi Wife Nadia and children were also saying him to play slow.

Shahid Afridi Wife Pictures NadiaShahid Afridi Wife

Shahid Afridi is a famous cricketer of Pakistan and people have made a lot of scandals about him. As a lot of people are searching over the web the Shahid Afridi Wife pictures, so we are publishing some pictures here. Have a look on the exclusive family pictures.


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