Sanam Baloch Smoking Scandal

Sanam Baloch, Ayesha Khan & Sarwat Gillani Scandal Pictures

Pakistani leading and hot actresses, Sanam Baloch, Ayesha Khan and Sarwat Gillani were exposed in scandalous pictures during smoking. Smoking has become a common thing in Pakistan or you can say it a fashion especially in young girls, who go in Sheesha Cafes for smoking. Many celebrities have been caught while smoking and drinking previously, and now the Ayesha Khan and Sanam Baloch scandal has come up, in which they have been caught by camera while smoking.

Pakistani actresses’ leaked pictures have come up to media, in which they are smoking and drinking. Now Ayesha Khan the famous name of Pakistani drama industry has caught in these picture that she is smoking with someone. Sanam Baloch is also a big name in Pakistani dramas, and she is also smoking.

Sarwat Gillani has also been exposed while smoking. The female smokers are increasing in Pakistan, as they used to go in Sheesha cafes for smoking habits. Previously Another name of Pakistani film industry, Javed Sheikh was caught drinking. Some of our Pakistani stars are used to drink even on the shooting sets, which is not good for their reputation.

These leaked pictures have been taken during their personal life in special parties, where they were enjoying smoking. In these pictures you can see Sanam Baloch, Sarwat Gillani and Ayesha Khan smoking in private parties. These scandal pictures have been taken by someone in the parties, where the celebrities were enjoying and smoking.

Ayesha Khan and Sarwat Gillani Smoking Sanam Baloch Smoking Scandal

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