Sadia Imam has accepted the Offer for Bollywood Movie

Sadia Imam Will Soon Appear in a Bollywood Movie on Big Screen

The great Pakistani actress Sadia Imam will soon be seen in a Bollywood movie on the big cinema screen. The gorgeous actress who had been enjoying the limelight of the most beautiful and controversial movies in her career, will luckily become a part of Indian Cinema by presenting herself for a Bollywood movie. In the last few month there was a huge search on the topic that Sadia Imam started to wear Hijab on the wish of her husband, has not got its charm ended. The media is now reporting that Sadia will appear in a Bollywood movie as she has accepted an offer from a Bollywood Movie Director.

Sadia Imam is one of the great actress who has been working for Pakistani Dramas for more than 15 years, and now a days she is seen in negative roles on different TV channels. Sadia Imam started her carrier as a showbiz model after that she turned to actress and went to its top, and now a days keeping in view the fashion that is in vogue she is running and hosting a morning show on a private TV channel.


Sadia Imam has accepted the Offer for Bollywood Movie

As media is reporting, a Bollywood Indian Director Vinud Malhotra has offered her for his upcoming film that is not labelled yet, while the script of the movie has been finalized and ready to be implemented. The shooting of the film will be started soon and Saida Imam will do a leading role as leading actress in the movie. Whereas the confirmation of her role is concerned in the movie, we can’t say anything without confirmation, but as usual when Pakistani actress goes to Bollywood, they will just offered a short or small role in the Indian Cinema. They never keep in mind the seniority of the actress while giving the role.

So friends let’s see what happened next. As Sadia Imam has accepted the offer for Bollywood Movie, she will not keep in mind the role, as the most Pakistani artists when goes to neighboring country mostly forget about their importance in Pakistan, and do a little bit role in the Indian Movies. So be ready to see Sadia Imam in a new upcoming Bollywood Movie.

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