PPP’s Minister Nadir Magsi wife Raheela Magsi exposed video

Fun Bench October 18, 2012 6

As Pakistani political scandals are on its top, Nadir Khan Magsi, who is a PPP Minister from Sindh region has also become a victim of political scandal. According to a local news agency a leaked video of Raheela Magsi who is the wife of Nadir Khan Magsi has become a scandal, in which the Reheela Magsi is badly treating the workers and using the abusive language that is not even used by the men.

According to a local news agency the woman in this video is Reheela Magsi who is blackening the face of two men, who seems to be her workers and the men with paint black mouth are standing silently in front of her, this harsh behavior of Nadir Magsi‘s wife Raheela Magsi has become a part of several internet websites through this leaked video, which has been published on several sites and blogs especially social media networking sites.

In this video you will saw another woman standing behind, who is making the video of this cruel act of Raheela Magsi. When these politicians come to the streets to request for the vote, they show a very innocent face and use the beautiful language, but after that their behavior turns like this.

However, whereas this video is concerned, the identity of Raheela Magsi is not yet verified by any TV channel or News channel, and it may be a scandal or just rumor to target the PPP Minister Nadir Khan Magsi.

  • Sarmad

    The advocates are mourned upon his death.

  • Sara

    Police should investigate in this matter on emergent basis, otherwise the advocates will raise the voice.

  • Shehroz

    Police was required to present the report and culprit in 24 hours.

  • Sana

    Has police presented the report of murder?

  • Nosheen

    If it is a true video, then police and Pakistani government should take action.

  • Nida Khan

    If its a real video of Magsi’s wife, then she must be taken on charge.