Pictures of Atif Aslam’s Fiance or Girlfriend Sara Bharwana Revealed

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The exclusive pictures of Sara Bharwana (The Atif Aslam Fiance) have been revealed over the web. Atif Aslam has now become the famous musical personality of Pakistan as well as India. The first album of Atif Aslam i.e. ‘Jall’ was released in Pakistan but couldn’t do as a good business here in the country. As he started his journey then he touched the heights and re sung the songs from the first album and went towards the success. Being a smart and cute boy, the huge fan club of Atif is consisted of mostly female fans, and mostly girls want to marry him.

<u>Sara Bharwana</u> the atif aslam fianceSara Bharwana The Love of Atif Aslam

As Atif Aslam belongs to the Lahore city of Pakistan, his fiance Sara Bharwana also belongs to the same city. She is not told to be her relative but a girlfriend from his earlier days of college of university. Atif Aslam is in extreme love with the girl and he liked her very much. The news has came up with the help of media and according to the sources, he will be married soon with Sara.

Atif Aslam’s Engagement with Sara Bharwana

Atif never told the media that he is engaged with someone, but after all like this news of a popular singer can never remain hidden. Here are some exclusive images of Atif Aslam’s fiance, which have been come to media, and released. The engagement of Atif Aslam took place in earlier days of his carrier and the fact has been revealed now that he can’t marry any other girl leaving his girlfriend or lover Sara Bharwana. The female fans of the singer are not feeling well after hearing the news of his engagement.

Sara Bharwana and Atif Aslam

Sara Bharwana Will Soon Be the Wife of Atif Aslam

The Lahori Girl Sara Bharwana will become the wife of Atif Aslam very soon, and the marriage is expected to be in Lahore, which is the native city of Atif Aslam. As a huge bunch of his fans came in the concerts of Atif, it is expected that his marriage party will also be crowded with his fans.

  • Amedar

    Is really she is a Atif Aslam’s Girlfriend or fiance? The super star and singer Atif Aslam is not seemed to be engaged with someone. It a amazing news about the star, that Sara Bharwana is his girlfriend and fiance.

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  • Javeria

    She has a charming girl friend or fiance, she may live in Johar Town in Lahore, where Atif Aslam has been seen with her in cars many times.

  • Jamaima

    The couple is beautiful, but when their wedding will take place?

  • iqra

    she is beautiful atif bhai best of luck

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  • Dolce vyas

    vyas always rocksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • amber

    best of luck

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    she iz so beautiful best of luck

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    very nice cupel