Pakistani Kabaddi team won the asia title

Pakistan wins the 2nd Aisa Kabaddi Cup 2012 from India

Lahore: Pakistani Kabaddi team wins the final of 2nd Asia Kabaddi Cup from Indian Kabaddi team. Pakistani fighters of Kabaddi has proved that the Kabaddi belongs to the Pakistan and the title will remain in the parent country. The Kabaddi match was played in the Lahore stadium.

The People of Pakistan and Kabaddi lover were enjoying the match live on Geo Super. The Pakistani team defeated the Indians and won the title of Kabaddi Asia Cup 2012.

Pakistani Kabaddi team won the asia title

The organizers of Aisa Kabaddi Cup have put a bounty of Rs. 1.5 million for the winner, which will now goes to Pakistani Kabaddi teams and youngsters, who have prove their ability in the final Kabaddi match as well as the whole series consisted of 8 Kabaddi teams from different countries.

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