Mahira Khan Divorce – A Rumor or Scandal

Fun Bench September 30, 2012 3

It is heard that the Mahira Khan‘s personal life is in danger, as she is getting divorce from her husband. After the breakup news of Shaista Wahidi, Nadia Khan, Aisam-ul-Haq, Faha, and Farah Hussain, a new rumor is almost all over the social networking site or web that Mahira Khan is getting divorce. The all above mentioned personalities belongs to same profession i.e. TV channel Hosts. It is being said that once morning shows hosts or TV actresses get fame, or goes to the top of their showbiz field, they failed to do justice with their personal relations or marital life.

Divorce Scandal of Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan is geeting Divorce from her Husband

According to the Mahira Khan, there is no truth behind the news as she is managing her showbiz career and her personal life well at the same time, and her husband has no complaint about her attitude. Someone has reported this news as a rumor, but there is no reality behind it. She has two children and mange her time well for her family. But this news is just roaming over the social media that Mahira Khan is getting divorce from her husband. She confirmed that there is no concept of separation from her husband in her life, as her husband has no issue regarding the showbiz work.

As we have recently heard news about the Shaista Wahidi Divorce. the Mahira Khan is also coming in one of the scandal that she is not living happily with her husband and demanding for the divorce.

  • Sidra

    It is just another scandal after the Shaista Wahidi Divorce. People are making controversies and spreading rumor about Mahira.

  • Ali

    they people do this buissines,taking divorces doing wedding stupid.

  • Samina

    She is not getting divorce, as she is living happily with her husband.