Kashmala Tariq Hot pictures while enjoying on beach

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This is one of the famous political scandals of Pakistani beautiful politician Kashmala Tariq. Someone has taken her pictures where she was wearing the short dress of white color. She was at a government tour in America, where she went on the beach in short dress, and someone took the snaps at the right time.

As Kashmala is among the beautiful and hot female politicians of the world, a lot of people search for Kashmala Tariq hot pictures. She has a lot of scandals in her political career. Once she was having a debate with Firdaus Ashiq Awan, where she was stigmatized by saying that she is a product of bed politics. Firdaus Ashiq Awan insulted her by saying the harsh and dirty words, but she remains silence, and couldn’t say any harsh word in reply.

<u>Kashmala Tariq</u> Having Fun on Beach Pictures

<u>Kashmala Tariq</u> Hot Pictures

Few months ago a sex tape was leaked, which was a mobile recording, and people give it the name “Kashmala Tariq photos on the beach also created a controversy that at the time of snapshot she was on a government tour in America. She went on the beach and someone took the picture, leaving another political scandal of beautiful and hot politician.

  • Sania

    Is she Kashmala Tariq, is it the real picture of her out of country?

  • Rohit

    She is looking hot and beautiful as well as so young minister of Pakistan in these pictures.

  • zerqa

    Jeo ur jiny duooo

  • Bindi

    She is showing her secret assets in this worst dress, which should not be wear by the Pakistani female politician.

  • kazim

    she doesnt look kashmala ….