Kareena Kapoor Accepting Islam After Marrying Saif Ali Khan

Kareena Kapoor Will Accept Islam After Marriage with Saif Ali Khan

The Hot and sizzling actress Kareena Kapoor will accept Islam after marrying Saif Ali Khan. Saif Ali Khan is a Muslim boy and his Mother Sharmila Tagore had accepted Islam after marrying Nawab Pataudi, father of Saif Ali. Kareena belongs to a well known family of India, who has contributed a lot in the Bollywood Industry. But it has become a controversy that a daughter of well reputed family i.e. Kareena Kapoor is accepting Islam. The family of Kareena is very happy that she is going to marry Saif Ali and become a daughter of royal family, the family of Nawab Pataudi an Indian billionaire. But on the other hand they are not willing to see Kareena accepting Islam, as it will make a big controversy about the Kapoor family, which will be hard to face. The family members of Saif Ali has told Kareena Kapoor that unless she changes her religion and converts to Islam, her marriage will not take place, because they are not expecting their daughter in law from a none Muslim family. The children of Saif Ali Khan will born from a Muslim Girl and their identity will be Muslim.

Kareena Kapoor Accepting Islam After Marrying Saif Ali Khan

The whole world is coming towards Islam accepting it as a best religion. Especially the majority of women from all over the world is accepting Islam. Saif Ali belong to a royal family of India, and the family is Muslim. The Khan said that religion plays a very important role in life. So it will be his pleasure to marry Kareena Kapoor after that she accepts Islam. This news will also be in news headlines that Kareena Kapoor has Accepted Islam.


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  3. She will then comes towards the real life, when she turned real Muslim Woman. It will also be a great decision if she would leave the showbiz industry after marriage.

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