Is Atif Aslam getting married soon

Fun Bench February 3, 2013 0

Where female fans always think is Atif Aslam married with his girlfriend Sara Bharwana, the news has came from some local news channels that he will be getting married with Sara Bharwana soon. Their wedding ceremony has taken place before and the marriage is still pending.

Atif Aslam is involved in a love affair with Sara Bharwana since four years. Sara Bharwana belongs to Lahore and a student of Kinraid College. Few news channels have presented the news of Atif Aslam marriage, which is going to take place soon.

Atif Aslam marriage is a famous term being used these days by her female fans, who always looks to marry Atif Aslam the beautiful and famous singer of Pakistan. Atif Aslam always hide his relationship with Sara Bharwana as he cannot see a decrease in his female fans, who always love his music album and live concerts. Hence Atif has denied the report presented by the news channels.Atif Aslam with girlfriend marriage photos

Atif Aslam’s girlfriend Sara Bharwana has never come up to the media for showing their relation to the public. But the sources close to them have revealed their relationship. It seems that Atif Aslam and Sara Bharwana will soon get married, as their love affair have take few years. When it was asked Atif, he replied in a very rude behavior that he has no relation or secret love affair with anyone. It seems that he is receiving several call taking this matter, and has tried by giving the answers.

It is also pertinent to mention here that there is no any picture regarding Atif Aslam engagement with Sara Bharwana, so it may be just a rumor or scandal.

According to another news, the Pakistani singer Atif Aslam is now a days coming up to the media with Sherya Ghosal, who is also a female Indian singer. But it is a good think that Atif is not involved in any love affair or scandal previously. When it comes to the marriage it seems that she will soon marry Sara Bharwana and the marriage ceremony may take place somewhere in Lahore, Pakistan.