Tahira Mateen Husband was killed

Hot Chef Tahira Mateen’s Husband Killed in Karachi Target Killing

The beautiful Tahira Mateen is a Chef, who makes recipes on Pakistani TV channels, go her husband dead while an incident of target killing in Karachi. As target killing in Karachi has become a routine matter, Pakistani government is not putting eye on this matter seriously. If the police takes strict action in the region, it will help to reduce the target killing cases not only in Karachi but also in the whole Pakistan. But its time for police to play a vital role.

Pakistani government should take immediate measures to find out the real culprits behind the incident, because this murder case has come up to the media, and government or law enforcement agencies should not remain speechless and take immediate measures to catch the culprits.

<u>Tahira Mateen</u> Husband was killed

Tahira Mateen is an asset of Pakistan, She is so young and Pakistani audience likes her very much, when she comes on TV to make new recipes. A lot of women are crazy about her show, who watch it regularly. But what happened to the Pakistani government when Tahira Mateen husband was killed in target killing in Karachi. There is nothing to give her the justice, as many cases remains pending in the courts of Karachi.

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  1. The media and Pakistani nation is mourned upon her death, as she is providing her services over the live TV and entertaining the people especially women by giving the daily cooking tips and tricks.

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