Tampon eating video by Giovanna

Giovanna Plowman tampon eater official video – real or fake

Giovanna Plowman bloody tampon eater video has just become popular, is it real or fake? When she gets tampon from her underwear, she is giving a rude face expression, due to which it seems that she is making the people fool.

Giovanna tampon video seems to be real and fake, but after going through the comments of different people, it seems that she is getting some cheap popularity over the webs and news channels by spreading the scandalous video.

Tampon eating video by Givonna Plowman

The bloody tampon eating is a trick of Giovanna Plowman to get some cheap fame and popularity, but it is not giving her such a good fame. She is doing a weird act, which is not acceptable by most of the people, who are saying this video fake and there is no reality behind it.

Tampon is a personal hygiene product, which is not eatable, and can lead you to vomiting. She is also trying to vomit in this video, as she is trying to eat a tampon i.e. feminine hygiene product. It was just a weird and amazing news that a famous personality is trying to eat her own bloody tampon or making the people fool by releasing this self made fake video.

Giovanna Plowman should abide by these tips and trick to appear in news headlines to become popular among the people and audience. Most of the people never accept this tampon eating video and saying it a fake trick by Plowman, as it is not a real video.

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