Catherine Zeta Jones with Husband

Celebrities in Beautiful Dresses at Oscar Awards 2013

After Grammy and Golden Globes, the celebrities are showing their beautiful and worst dresses on the famous and important award i.e. Oscars. Several celebrities from Hollywood and music industry of America have come up to show their beautiful and hot dresses.

Top 3 winners at Oscar awards 2013 are movie Life of Pi, Skyfall and Les Miserable, and Argo. These movies have won the famous awards i.e. Oscars 2013.

The celebrities over the red carpet were rocking in several hot and beautiful dresses. Some of them have appeared in worst dresses, which were not appreciated by the audience. The women are not the main prominent part of the Oscars but their beautiful and expensive dresses, which had been designed by the famous fashion designers.

The people and audience at Oscars awards 2013 were appreciating the Jennifer Ainston, Zeta-Jones and Catherine for their beautiful dresses. Have a look on the beautiful and hot Hollywood celebrities in beautiful dresses and outfits during red carpet walk.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Ainston in Red dress on carpet

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathway in Hot dress

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland at Oscars Awards 2013

Jane Roe

Jane Roe in beautiful outfit at Oscars 2013


Adele in Hot Black Skirt at Oscars 2013

Catherina Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones with Husband

Amy Adams

Amy Adams in Hot Bridal Outfit at Oscars 2013

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