Free Download Krrish 3 Game on Android Mobile Phone

Now you can free download Krrish 3 game on android phone, as Krrish 3 has become the top free games in India. The Hrithik Roshan has made this movie popular due to his outstanding acting skills, and people are downloading Krrish 3 game on their android smartphones, computers, laptops, iPhones for free.

Krrish 3 is a sci-fi movie, which has done a huge business at the box office. Hrithik Roshan has also expressed his views on a microblogging site about the Krrish 3 movie, which had been directed by his father Rakesh Roshan.

So you should play Krrish 3 game on android, laptop, computer, iPhone and several devices according to your needs. It has met almost millions of download in this month, and Krrish 3 Motion Comics is being appreciated by the users. The game is about an epic battle against the evil, so you should keep your superhero alive while performing stunts and using deadly weapons against enemies.

free download krrish 3 game

Krrish 3 Game Free download is available for android users, and Indians are much curious about the game. The Krrish 3 Hacks and unlocked versions may not be available over the web, but we recommend you to play fair game. So we say you best of luck for playing Krrish 3 game on mobile phones.

Cruel Video Ever: Leopard Caught and Burned Alive in India

It is one of the cruel video ever, in which you can see a leopard is caught by Indian people and burned alive in front of public in a cage. It had ate a man, therefore the villagers caught it and burned it alive.

It is a cruel reality that the villagers do this with animals. Have a look on the most cruel video and share your comments upon the thinking of Indian villagers, who are burning leopard alive in cage.

The animal rights department should think upon this video, as it is point to ponder for them. It is a big oppressing with animals, which should be condemned by everyone. If it has ate a man, then it is the nature of wild animals, but it should not be the punishment for an animal.

leopard burned alive in India

Natalie Sideserf Made Deadly Wedding Cake For Husband in NY

It seems that the husband and wife have cut themselves on wedding day and eaten their own meat, but Natalie Sideserf has made deadly wedding cake for her husband in New York, and it seems that it is made of the heads of dead bodies.

The amazing and deadly wedding cake looks like a scene of horror movie. According to the wife, Natalie Sideserf, her husband David likes to watch horror movies, so she decided to make a deadly cake to give it an effect of horror.

Actually the couple in New York celebrated their wedding ceremony in a unique and amazing way, and they made a horror cake, which looks like heads of dead bodies. It is an amazing wedding anniversary celebration idea for both of them. The married couple have celebrated their marriage anniversary in an amazing way that we can’t think of.

Natalie Sideserf prepared a deadly and scary cake just like in scary movies, and cut it on her wedding anniversary with husband in New York City. Here is an amazing video of scary cake, which the married couple cut on wedding anniversary. In this video and pictures of scary cake, you can see that it looks like original. It takes almost whole one day for the manufacturing of deadly cake. The cake looks like the head of a male and female, and the blood effect has also been given, as the blood is coming out from necks.

amazing death cake made by husband wife

Natalie Sideserf Matt
Natalie Sideserf with Husband David: Picture Courtesy:

Watch the exclusive leaked video of scary cake made by Natalie Sideserf in New York city for her beloved husband. Actually she gave a big present on the wedding anniversary to her husband in the shape of horror cake. Watch the video and write your comments to tell us about the art of Natalie Sideserf.

Amazing Car Changes Colors Automatically With Driver’s Mood

Here is a video of an exclusive and amazing car, which changes colors automatically as per the Driver’s Mood. If you are getting bored with the single color car, then you should purchase the latest technology. It was a dream to see a car changing colors with the mood of drivers, but it is no more a dream now.

Now it is true that cars automatically change colors as per the direction of drivers. This is a latest invention in the field of automobiles technology, and the exclusive video of car is roaming over the social media, where people are talking about this adventure in the field of cars manufacturing.

car automatically changes colors with mood

Now you can say that it is a fully automated car, which changes colors automatically keeping in view the mood of driver. Hence you should have a look on the amazing video of car changing colors, and write your comments upon this beautiful and amazing invention of automobile engineers.

Al-Sajjade: An Amazing Jaye Namaz Tells Qibla Direction

Here is a video of an amazing Jaye Namaz (Prayer Rug), which tells Qibla Direction automatically. This new technology has been invented in United Kingdom. With the help of latest technology used in Prayer Rug, you don’t need to ask for Qibla Direction, as when you put it towards the holy city Makkah, it becomes enlightened. Hence you don’t need to check Qibla directions on Dadar system or with the help of stars, as Al-Sajjade will tell you right direction of Qibla Shareef.

Al-Sajjade is an amazing Prayer Rug (Jaye Namaz), which has become popular due to its uniqueness. It facilitate the Muslims, and tells the right direction to offer prayer. The Jaye Namaz Al-Sajjade is not available in the market, as the manufacturer is collection money to put this in open market.

Amazing Al-Sajjade Prayer Rug Jaye Namaz

Have a look on the amazing video of Al-Sajjade Jaye Namaz and write your comments upon this amazing and latest invention.


Famous Celebrities With Their Pets, Cats, Dogs etc.

Here we are going to share some pictures of Famous Celebrities with their cats, dogs, and other pets. The Hollywood Celebrities including Singers, models, actors, actresses and directors usually have some loving pets at their home. Hence they usually upload their photographs with pets over the social media or social networking sites for their fans. We have also collected some amazing celebrities images with pets especially cats.

Most of the Hollywood Celebrities loves to have cats and dogs as pet animals. Hence we have collected their pictures with pet from the web search, and these pictures are roaming over the social media, where the fans of these celebrities are sharing their images with friends and family members.

Have a look on the Pictures of Famous Hollywood Celebrities with Cats, Dogs and other pet animals.

Apple Inc Ranked Number One by Forbes

Apple Inc named Number one by Forbes Magazine even after a big drop in share price. Apple has become the most unique brand in the field of mobile technology, and Forbes Magazine 2013 has ranked Apple Inc as No. 1 among the cell phone manufacturing companies in all over the world. iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S and the latest OS i.e. iOS 7 have given a boost to the company.

Apple is the most valuable brand, and according to forbes Apple Inc worth almost twice more than the other second valuable brand. Apple is far above Microsoft and Coca Cola companies and Forbes included its name in the World’s most valuable brand.

The difference in advertising spending is also wide. Apple spends $10 million on average for every 1 million, while Samsung spends $149 million for every 1 million. It is also heard that the most Nokia is making an agreement with Apple to sell its huge mobile business to Apple Inc, while Nokia at No. 72 in the list of Most Valuable Brands in the World. BlackBerry is also a big mobile manufacturing company, but it was not included in the top 100 list.

Apple is Most Valuable Company by Forbes

It is also pertinent to mention here that most of the top 100 companies are occupied by United States of America’s Companies. Apple Inc has become popular due to its unique smartphone brand and operating system i.e. IOS (MAC).

Sanam Baloch and Abdullah Farhatullah Wedding Pictures

Pakistani Actress Sanam Baloch got married with Abdullah Farhatullah in 2013, and the wedding pictures of couple are roaming over the social media and social networking sites, where people are saying congratulations to newly wedded couple of Pakistani dramas industry.

Sanam Baloch is a Pakistani actress, model and morning show host, and after marriage she is receiving a lot of call from her fans in the morning show. The Sanam Baloch fans are saying her congratulations and passing their marriage greetings for their loving host. Several Pakistani celebrities, actors, actresses, directors and model were attending the Sanam Baloch Wedding party, while some of them performed wedding dance on the ceremony. So have a look on the Sanam Baloch wedding pictures. Sanam Baloch Scandal Photos were roaming over the web few months ago, but now the marriage photos have ruined the previous scandals.

Sanam Baloch’s Nikah Ceremony held in Karachi, where the photographers were capturing the event. The beautiful Pakistani Host was looking gorgeous at her wedding ceremony. The Wedding Photoshoot of Pakistani Actress Sanam Baloch has been published here for her fans, so that who could see her wedding photos and write their comments upon the gorgeous Sanam Baloch.

Snake Massage in Thailand Massage Centers

An exclusive video of Snake massage in Thailand has come up to the media. The massage centers in Thailand are giving an amazing massage service, where the snake do massage. This is a full body massage, and people usually become afraid after hearing about the snake massage. This is the latest massage therapy, which provide you relaxation.

Several Massage centers in Pakistan are also working hidden, but they are not providing this exclusive service of snake massage. What do you think when you hear about the fact that snake do massage or full body massage in Thailand? Are you not afraid of massage services provided by snakes? Write your comments below and tell us about your review on the massage with snakes. Massage parlors are banned in Pakistan, but several massage centers in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad are working by giving the heavy bribes in the concerned departments. Once express team exposed Massage parlors in in several cities of Pakistan, but they are working hidden.

massage centres in thailand with snake massage

Snake Massage service is provided in several countries, while in Thailand it has become most popular type of massage. The Massage services providers put the snakes on your face and other body parts, and these snake massage your body. Have a look on the exclusive video of snake massage provided in Thailand and several other countries.